who we are

The Anglican Church of the Ascension strives to be a welcoming church in an age where people are searching for meaning in the busy, materialistic and often impersonal world in which we live. Situated on the corner of Witchwood Crescent and Blackburn Road, East Burwood - the parish draws people from the East Burwood, Mt Waverley, Glen Waverley, Blackburn and other surrounding areas.

We believe that the Christian tradition has profound things to offer people who are searching. We are not a dogmatic church or a church which forcefully tells people what to believe. We take seriously the desire of people to search, to question and to enquire. As Anglicans, we have a strong commitment to explore and to wrestle through some of the thorny issues facing society. You will not be asked to leave your intellect in the church car park. 

We extend a warm welcome for you to make contact with us by phone, by joining us at worship. If you have questions about God and the meaning of life we invite you to come and join the search with us.

Anglican church of the ascension Burwood east
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378 Blackburn Road

Burwood East

Victoria 3151

Phone 03 9802 4863

Email office@ascensionchurch.org.au

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